Tips for Helping Kids Manage School


School is far too often the place where a child’s ADD creates the most trouble.  The teachers are overworked and underpaid so many problems get neglected.  On the other hand, a lot of kids with ADD can also have behavioral difficulties and teachers are paying so much attention to those that there is little time […]

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Food Dyes and Artificial Coloring and ADD ADHD

I’ve been writing about food I and artificial coloring and its link to ADD ADHD for over nine years. There’ve been numerous studies suggesting there is a link. It seems obvious that if we put a bunch of garbage into our bodies that there must be some sort of side effects. The fact that there […]

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The Glycemic Index’s Clever Twin Brother

Over the past few weeks we looked at the theory behind the Glycemic Index (GI) and we specifically noted its importance in designing an anti ADD-ADHD diet. This can be found in the fact that the Glycemic Index measures the release of energy into the bloodstream. People with ADD-ADHD are often subject to wild swings […]

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A Letter to My ADHD Son


Dear Henry, I am writing this letter late at night after trying to get you to go to sleep.  Why?  Perhaps someday you will read this and realize that while you were certainly a challenging kid, you bring me endless joy.  Besides, I am so frustrated right now that I thought writing might be therapeutic […]

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What's So Great About Having ADHD???

If you are like most of us with ADHD, you have no doubt been told about the disadvantages of having it.  You’ve endured negative comments and your own fears about handling this temperamental disorder!  Believe it or not, there ARE advantages to having ADHD.  While the ADHD brain is certainly wired differently, their are also […]

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Low GI Foods – Striking the right balance

Food Scales

It should be clear from the issues that we discussed over the past few weeks that paying attention to the Glycemic Index can play a key role in the fight against the symptoms of ADD-ADHD. This is because foods with low GI values will keep the body ‘powered up’ at a consistent level for much […]

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ADD/ADHD Drug Guide – Part 6

You may have heard of Wellbutrin, a common drug used to treat depression and sometimes, back pain.  However, it has been used on people with ADD/ADHD.  It seems to act as a stimulant and its drug manufacturer says that their research shows it is just as effective as Ritalin.  Many physicians prescribe Wellbutrin if a […]

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ADD/ADHD Drug GUide – Part 5

This week, we need to take a look at a non-stimulant drug used to treat ADD/ADHD.  It’s brand name is Atomoxetine, but you may recognize it as Strattera.  Despite its very hefty price tag, it is becoming widely used for adults and children. Strattera is known as a selective norepinephrenine reuptake inhibitor.  This means that […]

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FDA Approves Anti-Happy Drug [Funny Video]


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How To Mix the Liquid Vitamins Video (Advanced) – Featuring Mackenzie

In this video my 3 year old daughter Mackenzie and I show you how to mix vitamins.   You will have to work up to this advanced method.   Note:  When I shot this video I accidentally cut off my head.  I have not had time to re-shoot the video.  Sorry.   Its kind of […]

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