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Adults and the ADD Emotional Rollercoaster

If you have ADD/ADHD, or you love someone who has it, then you are familiar firsthand how the emotions can be all over the place. While you may never be bored with your ever-changing emotional landscape, it also creates a tremendous amount of stress. By nature, people with Add are born with a temperament that […]

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ADD and Becoming Productive – Part 5

You have collected info, processed what to do about it, organized, and reviewed. Now we are ready to turn to the last step in mastering your workflow – Doing! Since you have done the proper pre-planning in the first four steps, you are now ready to take care of things efficiently and quickly.

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ADD and Becoming Productive – Part 3

Just to review, there are five stages involved in the mastering of your workflow: – Collecting – Processing

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ADD and Becoming Productive – Part 2

We began this series by introducing you to author David Allen’s book that addresses stress-free productivity. As you recall, there are five stages of mastering your flow of work: Collect Process Organize Review Do This article will focus on the second stage – Process. Remember that your goal is to “empty” your brain of these […]

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ADD and Becoming Productive – Part 1

One of the hardest things for a person with ADD to do is to “get” and “stay” productive. Remember the ADD brain is on overload. It doesn’t always know how to filter important stimuli from all of the rest distractions. The result? You can’t pay appropriate attention to anything! Understanding that concept gives you further […]

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