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Interviewed by Diana Vogel

Interview Audio Here – Audio Download – Click Here

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Audio: Gifted or ADHD? (ADHD Misdiagnosis 2)

Gifted or ADHD (ADHD Misdiagnosis 2).mp3
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Linda’s ADD ADHD Story

To Download Click Here (right click and “save as”) More Info on neu-beCALM’d Here Transcript: [spoiler] Jon Bennett: … Well, hello everyone. My name is Jon Bennett, and I’ve got my good friend Linda Clark with me on the phone. And just to set the call up, just to let you know. I asked Linda […]

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The Wayseers

Wayseer Manifesto v1 by The Wayseers Check out my buddy, Garret Loporto’s latest book… “The Wayseers” He is a really smart dude and has some awesome knowledge to drop on you! Lyrics Below ATTENTION: All you rule-breakers, you misfits and troublemakers – all you free spirits and pioneers – all you visionaries and non-conformists … […]

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Dr. Rory Stern Interview for ADHDCrossfire

Hi guys.  Here is the audio of an interview that I did with Dr. Rory Stern for “Welcome to the first episode of ADHD Crossfire!  This podcast is meant to tackle the hard-hitting, controversial issues where research and science come head-to-head with real life experience. In today’s episode, I am joined by best-selling author […]

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