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Powering up the Nerve Centre: Nutrition and the Brain

In past articles we have been looking at the way in which a Low GI diet can counteract some of the effects of ADD-ADHD by releasing energy into the bloodstream in a controlled and consistent way. With this week’s article we are going to take a step back in order to emphasize why doing your […]

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ADD and Becoming Productive – Part 5

You have collected info, processed what to do about it, organized, and reviewed. Now we are ready to turn to the last step in mastering your workflow – Doing! Since you have done the proper pre-planning in the first four steps, you are now ready to take care of things efficiently and quickly.

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Avoid Bad Gas For Your Tank [ADD Brain]

One of the first mistakes people make with ADD-ADHD is to assume that it is a disease or a condition like diabetes. This leads you down a very scary path. Before you make this assumption consider this.There at least 50 other conditions that mimic ADD-ADHD symptoms. You may be displaying ADD-ADHD symptoms because of something […]

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The Matthew Smith Story

I have know the story of Matthew Smith for over 5 years now, and every time I hear the story I am motivated to continue to do my best to help ADD ADHD families. There are too many people blindly following the advice their well-intentioned Doctors and taking these dangerous medications.

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ADD ADHD Drugs and the Placebo Effect

Shocking New Research We are all familiar with the so-called ‘placebo effect’. This is where someone begins to feel significantly better after receiving ‘fake’ medication (usually a sugar pill or a tablet with no active pharmacological ingredients). The existence of the placebo effect amply demonstrates that the belief that a condition is being treated can […]

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