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The Matthew Smith Story

I have know the story of Matthew Smith for over 5 years now, and every time I hear the story I am motivated to continue to do my best to help ADD ADHD families. There are too many people blindly following the advice their well-intentioned Doctors and taking these dangerous medications.

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ADD ADHD Drugs and the Placebo Effect

Shocking New Research We are all familiar with the so-called ‘placebo effect’. This is where someone begins to feel significantly better after receiving ‘fake’ medication (usually a sugar pill or a tablet with no active pharmacological ingredients). The existence of the placebo effect amply demonstrates that the belief that a condition is being treated can […]

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Fraudulent Over-promotion of ADD ADHD

Fraudulent Over-promotion of the diagnosis of ADD-ADHD… in Collusion to boost drug sales This is a very interesting article that pretty much sums up many of the problems with ADD-ADHD in the USA. It seems that big drug companies will go to any length to score big profits. Creating “ADD Support Groups” like CHADD to […]

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I am Just a Child

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ADD ADHD Smart Drug Epidemic

Transcript: [spoiler]back at 7:43. this morning on “today investigates” the potentially dangerous drug being abused by college students. “today” correspondent amy robach is here with a hidden camera investigation. we warn our children about the dangers of drugs and drinking, especially as they go to college but a different kind of drug is an epidemic […]

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