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What Makes the ‘3 Steps’ Different?

Even a very brief skim through the articles on this website should make it clear that the approach that I advocate for dealing with ADD/ADHD is very different from what you are likely to hear from many of the so-called experts in the field. I am utterly convinced that many of these experts make grave […]

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ADD/ADHD in the Classroom: Dealing with Disorganization

Being at school requires a certain level of organization. You have to know where to be, when you should be there and what you should bring. This may sound very simple and straightforward but for those dealing with ADD/ADHD it might be a major headache. It goes without saying that organizational skills will be the […]

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Not your Grandpa’s Schoolhouse: ADD/ADHD and the Weight of Educational Expectations (2)

You may recall in previous posts I began a discussion about how the modern educational experience can lead to the labeling of young children as difficult, fidgety or restless. I also noted that it is but a very short step from this label to a full-blown ADHD diagnosis. The reason why there is such a […]

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ADHD Friendly Education: Designing Your ‘Game Plan’ for Beating ADD/ADHD in the Classroom (Part 2)

In the previous article we discussed some elements of an ADD/ADHD classroom game plan. These are the things that you should ideally have in place before you attempt any specific individual interventions. This will ensure that you interventions are not haphazard in nature but that they will follow a coherent and unified pattern. The elements […]

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Beating ADHD in the Classroom

  In previous posts we look at some of the things that can typically happen when ADD/ADHD ‘shows up’ in the classroom’. This raises the obvious question, how should educators react to all of this? Should we simply throw up our hands in despair and hope for the best? Should we immediately see to it […]

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