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ADHD Shocking Truths

Hi guys, Jon Bennett here. I found this video on the web that I thought you might find it interesting. Please leave your comments below! Transcript: Dr. Lyon: I believe that attention deficit disorder should be treated like a lot of other conditions that the doctors treat. For instance if you have high cholesterol, what […]

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The Dangers of Using Ritalin and Other Stimulant Medications for the Treatment of ADD/ADHD

“America now uses 90% of the world’s Ritalin – more than five times the rest of the world combined.” – Peter Breggin, M.D, Talking Back to Ritalin • Current statistics indicate that as many as 10% of the nation’s children have been diagnosed as having ADD/ADHD. • More than five million children are taking Ritalin […]

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L-Tyrosine, missing in ADD-ADHD People

L-Tyrosine is a nonessential amino acid that the body produces on its own. Its primary role is as a neurotransmitter that acts as chemical messenger to more than 100 billion of brain and nerve cells in our body. L-Tyrosine helps in forming 3 essential neurotransmitters: norepinephrine, serotonin, and dopamine, which are responsible for important functions […]

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Calcium, the secret to calm

This article is excerpted from the highly acclaimed Book by Jon Bennett. This book is available Here Calcium comprises of almost 1.6% of the human body weight. It acts as the human glue that binds the whole body together. Compared to other ions, the calcium ion has the ability to hold on to a single […]

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Another Reason to Quit: ADHD and Smoking

It is very interesting to observe how profoundly a culture can change in the matter of a few short decades. One of the areas where this has certainly happened over the past 20 years is the public perception of smoking: As late as the 1980s smoking was still seen as a trendy, if somewhat risky, […]

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