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ADD/ADHD-Friendly Jobs and Careers – Part 2

Happy New Year to you all!  Two weeks ago, I began a series about the fact that there are actually certain jobs that are better suited for those of us with ADD/ADHD.  We tend to have needs for stimulation, change, and variety in the tasks or projects that we undertake.  Of the thirty categories, let’s […]

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“ADD/ADHD-Friendly” Jobs and Careers – Part 1

If you have perused this site before, you will notice that there are plenty of reasons to be glad you, your child, or both of you have ADD/ADHD.  Even though society tends to focus on the negative aspects, it’s important to not overlook the positives.

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What’s So Great About Having ADHD???

If you are like most of us with ADHD, you have no doubt been told about the disadvantages of having it.  You’ve endured negative comments and your own fears about handling this temperamental disorder!  Believe it or not, there ARE advantages to having ADHD.  While the ADHD brain is certainly wired differently, their are also […]

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