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Developments That Have Led to the ADD/ADHD Diagnosis Crisis

The prevalence of the ADD/ADHD diagnosis does not definitely indicate that something is dreadfully wrong with the nation’s children, but rather that something has definitely changed. Although some cases of out-of-control children being diagnosed with ADD/ADHD are most likely due to nutritional imbalances and deficiencies as well as allergies and sensitivities, a good number of […]

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ADD/ADHD: The Nutrition Connection

Since the late 1970’s the suspected connection between ADD/ADHD and nutrition has been explored by researchers. To date, there are so many reputable studies that indicate that there is a connection, that the influence of nutrition on ADD/ADHD can no longer be ignored. Yet, even with all of the information that is available, the connection […]

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Making Intelligent Decisions in the Treatment of ADD/ADHD

With consumers becoming more aware of the dangers of prescription ADD/ADHD medications, and with researchers devoting more resources toward uncovering treatments that will help sufferers conquer ADD/ADHD, there’s no doubt that there really are other, more intelligent, choices available to those who have received an ADD/ADHD diagnosis. Most sources admit that the exact cause of […]

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Understanding the Shifts in Human Nutrition – The Role of Chemicals (Part 5)

It is my firm conviction that we need a return to ways of thinking about food that do not reduce the things that we put into our mouths to the level of just another expendable commodity. This is why I am currently focusing on the ways in which current perceptions about food differ from how […]

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Understanding the Shifts in Human Nutrition – The Role of Chemicals (3)

You can be quite sure that previous generations would have used the word ‘natural’ somewhere in the conversation if they were asked to describe the characteristics of food. This is, as we have seen over the past few weeks, far from self evident in modern times. In fact, so many unnatural substances have entered our […]

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