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ADHD Shocking Truths

Hi guys, Jon Bennett here. I found this video on the web that I thought you might find it interesting. Please leave your comments below! Transcript: Dr. Lyon: I believe that attention deficit disorder should be treated like a lot of other conditions that the doctors treat. For instance if you have high cholesterol, what […]

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Developments That Have Led to the ADD/ADHD Diagnosis Crisis

The prevalence of the ADD/ADHD diagnosis does not definitely indicate that something is dreadfully wrong with the nation’s children, but rather that something has definitely changed. Although some cases of out-of-control children being diagnosed with ADD/ADHD are most likely due to nutritional imbalances and deficiencies as well as allergies and sensitivities, a good number of […]

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What is a ‘Low Glycemic’ diet? … and Why You Should Care if You are ADD-ADHD

In this article we are going to explore how the GI (glycemic index) effects people with ADD-ADHD. There are over 50 conditions that mimic ADD-ADHD, but non-stable blood sugar levels is one of the most notorious culprits. Most kids experiencing ADD symptoms like fidgeting, anxiousness, and irritability can be linked to a “bad” glycemic diet. […]

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