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Focus Tip – Inception for ADD ADHD

Transcript: [spoiler] Jon Bennett:  Hello Jon Bennett here with Three Steps to Conquering ADD‑ADHD. In this video I am going to talk about some more choices for you to play in your headphones when you’re trying to focus on work, or homework, and you’re sitting at your desk, or really wherever and you want to […]

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ADD/ADHD Friendly Education: ‘Medication seems to work: Why avoid it?’

With last week’s article I introduced a new series that will be focused on the needs of children with ADD/ADHD in the educational system. Over the course of the next few weeks we will discuss the various ways in which educators (in the broadest sense of the word) can help children with the condition to […]

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Shocking Report: The Extent of ADHD Drug Misuse (…and what you can do about it)

Most of us associate illegal drug use with shady deals being struck in the seedier parts of our major cities. This is, however, just a small part of the true picture. We are currently facing an unprecedented epidemic of drug misuse that has on the surface a much more benign profile. But that is just […]

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