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ADD/ADHD-Friendly Jobs and Careers – Part 2

Happy New Year to you all!  Two weeks ago, I began a series about the fact that there are actually certain jobs that are better suited for those of us with ADD/ADHD.  We tend to have needs for stimulation, change, and variety in the tasks or projects that we undertake.  Of the thirty categories, let’s […]

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“ADD/ADHD-Friendly” Jobs and Careers – Part 1

If you have perused this site before, you will notice that there are plenty of reasons to be glad you, your child, or both of you have ADD/ADHD.  Even though society tends to focus on the negative aspects, it’s important to not overlook the positives.

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Careers Fit for ADD/ADHD

If 3 Steps to Conquering ADD-ADHD is familar to you, you’ll see lots of reasons that the diagnoses of ADD/ADHD might not be such a bad thing for you. Even though the cons to have ADD/ADHD are promoted, let us not overlook the positives. Certain positions require unique needs to get the job accomplished, which calls […]

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