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Powering up the Nerve Centre: Nutrition and the Brain

In past articles we have been looking at the way in which a Low GI diet can counteract some of the effects of ADD-ADHD by releasing energy into the bloodstream in a controlled and consistent way. With this week’s article we are going to take a step back in order to emphasize why doing your […]

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ADHD and Chemicals in Our Food

Understanding the Shifts in Human Nutrition – The Role of Chemicals (Part 1) With last week’s article I began to touch on the subject of how our perceptions of food changed over the past few decades. I did this by pointing out how food was viewed in the past. When asked to describe food as […]

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“Feeding” the ADD Brain

“FEEDING” THE ADD BRAIN Think about the foods you and your kids eat. Fruit Roll-Ups. Macaroni and cheese. Lucky Charms Cereal. Soft drinks. What do all of these and just about everything we eat have in common? Artificial dyes are in the majority of foods available. These colorings make food look more appetizing, at least […]

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Pesticides and ADHD

A central part of the strategy that I propose in my bestselling book ‘3 Steps to Conquering ADD-ADHD’ is the active avoidance of substances that are harmful (summarized in the book as Avoid the Bad). You may be surprised to learn that I sometimes include fruit and vegetables in this category. “How can this be?” […]

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Understanding the Shifts in Human Nutrition – From Difficult to Super Easy (Part 3)

Last week’s article focused on the fact that improvements in production methods and transport links mean that our food is sourced from all over the world. This might seem like a good thing, on the one hand, because economies of scale mean that we are paying much less for globally produced foods. It is perhaps not such good news when we look at the health implications of the globalisation of food. I pointed out that provenance is one of the most important concepts when we think about how healthy, or otherwise, our food is.

Simply put, provenance is about where something is from. This is important because production standards and methods differ from place to place and country to country. It is common, for example, to see chemicals that have long been banned in North America due to adverse health effects still being used in other parts of the world. This is a serious issue for people dealing with the effects of ADD/ADHD. Many of the symptoms of the condition can be traced back to signals in the brain not being transmitted properly. This is often due to chemical imbalances. Anything that can contribute to such imbalances should therefore be avoided at all costs.

So how can you get serious about provenance as an ordinary consumer? I think one of the keys is to stop seeing food shopping as a health-neutral activity, but to rather view it as a valuable investment in the health and well-being of your family. Some suggestions on how you can ensure that every bite that your family put into their mouths is safe include the following:

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