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ADD ADHD NOT a Genetic Disorder

In this Video, Dr. Mate explains the importance of healthy brain development and debunks the idea that ADD ADHD is a genetic disorder. DR. GABOR MATÈ: The fundamental thing that I want to get across here is that- and I made the point in my book about addiction, as well- the human brain does not […]

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Focus Tip – Inception for ADD ADHD

Transcript: [spoiler] Jon Bennett:  Hello Jon Bennett here with Three Steps to Conquering ADD‑ADHD. In this video I am going to talk about some more choices for you to play in your headphones when you’re trying to focus on work, or homework, and you’re sitting at your desk, or really wherever and you want to […]

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ADD ADHD affected my relationships and finding love

I came across this today… and thought that it was interesting.  It illustrates why we need to understand our ADD-ADHD and take steps to conquer it… I put this article in the “Step #1 – Avoid The Bad” because we must avoid ignorance about the reality of ADD-ADHD. It is a real problem that must […]

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ReThink ADD ADHD [Video]

This Video features Famous People with ADD ADHD. ReThink How you view ADD ADHD. Please comment below and “like” this post

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ADD ADHD Quotes and ADDerisms

Below is a collection of some of my favorite quotes and one-liners that I have tweeted over the years. I will try to update this post periodically. enjoy ADD-er-ism – statements that ring true for those with ADD or those living with someone with ADD My doctor told me to start exercising gradually. Today, I […]

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