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Top 10 High Glycemic Foods: One Reason Why You Are ADD-ADHD

They say, ‘you are what you eat’. Truer words haven’t been said when it comes to the high glycemic foods that make up a large portion of our meals. It is important that we understand the foods we eat and the manner in which they affect the body and the way we feel and act. […]

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What Supplement does Jon Use?

I get this question all the time. Many people want to know the specific products that are working for three steps users all over the world. One of the comments I get a lot… “I don’t care how it works, I just want something that will work for my family.” Well, here’s the bottom line… […]

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The Complex Neurological Picture behind ADD/ADHD

This ‘popularization’ of ADD/ADHD in North American culture helps no one. Not the people trying to rationalize their own behavior and certainly not those who are actually affected by the condition. Trivializing the condition can have some very significant negative outcomes including the following:

* Over and Misdiagnosis: We are fast approaching a point where the existence of any behavioral or attention problems will be automatically ascribed to ADD/ADHD unless proven otherwise! This is obviously a very unhealthy situation as it leads to people being unnecessarily medicated and also to potentially serious conditions being missed due to hasty and sloppy misdiagnoses.
* Increased rates of medication: Increasing rates of diagnosis will inevitably lead to more and more people being medicated in an attempt to combat the condition. This is not a hypothetical danger. The increased rate of prescription for ADD/ADHD drugs over the past few decades is nothing short of staggering. This would perhaps not be so much of a problem if the drugs were essentially benign and effective. I am convinced however that they are neither. They do not treat the root causes of the condition and they have some very dangerous side effects.
* Lack of help for true ADD/ADHD cases: The massive rates of ADD/ADHD overdiagnosis in our society are having profound negative effects on those who are actually suffering from the condition. This is because the media paints ADD/ADHD as a very simple problem with a very simple solution (i.e. medication!). This simplistic approach means that the condition is often not addressed properly as people buy the line that band-aid solutions would be sufficient to counter it.

One of the best ways out of the quagmire of ADD/ADHD misdiagnosis would be the application of much more stringent criteria before a conclusion is reached. After such a conclusion is reached care should also be taken to address the condition with a multi facetted and individualised approach. Thankfully it seems as if the day of accurate diagnoses (hopefully with a corresponding decrease in misdiagnoses) is drawing nearer.

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Nutrition and Brain Function: The Role of Carbohydrates

The brain is the most intriguing and complex part of our bodies. It therefore needs the contributions of a variety of different kinds of food to function properly. Last week we had a look at the way in which proteins are used by the brain. This week our focus will shift to carbohydrates.

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Nutrition and Brain Function: The Importance of Protein

In a previous article we had a look at the importance of neurotransmitters in optimum brain function. These important chemical formulations can be accurately described as the ‘brain’s messengers’ as they play such a crucial role in facilitating the movement of impulses between different nerve cells. The very same things that we require from a […]

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