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Focus Tip – Inception for ADD ADHD

Transcript: [spoiler] Jon Bennett:  Hello Jon Bennett here with Three Steps to Conquering ADD‑ADHD. In this video I am going to talk about some more choices for you to play in your headphones when you’re trying to focus on work, or homework, and you’re sitting at your desk, or really wherever and you want to […]

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Pesticides and ADHD

A central part of the strategy that I propose in my bestselling book ‘3 Steps to Conquering ADD-ADHD’ is the active avoidance of substances that are harmful (summarized in the book as Avoid the Bad). You may be surprised to learn that I sometimes include fruit and vegetables in this category. “How can this be?” […]

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Is ‘Attention-Deficit’ at least partly due to ‘Nature Deficit’?

Recent studies about the effects of nature on ADD/ADHD symptoms have yielded surprising results. Consider the following:

* A wide-ranging survey asking parents about the effects of different settings on the ADHD symptoms of their children consistently showed that these symptoms were less severe in green settings than indoors.
* An even more surprising insight can be found in the results of an experiment where children with ADD/ADHD were taken for a walk in different outdoor settings (a downtown area, a neighbourhood and a park). The positive influence of this activity on the ADD/ADHD symptoms was directly proportional to the amount of interaction with nature! (With the downtown area scoring lowest and the park the highest)

Could it be that something in our natural make-up predisposes us to paying more attention and feeling more alive in natural settings? There are certainly many people who believe that this is exactly the case. One of them is Richard Loev author of a groundbreaking book called Last Child in the Woods: Saving our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder. (It should be noted that the title could be a little misleading. Loev does not attribute all cases of ADD/ADHD to a lack of contact with nature, nor does he teach that contact with nature is the only thing that this required to overcome the condition). Loev’s work has led to the growth of a movement called ‘No Child Left Inside’. Although not exclusively focussed on the treatment of ADD/ADHD the principles and methods advocated by this movement could prove invaluable to those struggling with the condition. At its most basic the message is: Make sure that your child has sufficient ‘green time’! Please check back next week for a more detailed and practical summary.

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Sleep Deprivation and ADHD Revisited

In a previous article I pointed out that lack of sleep is one of the most common reasons for ADD/ADHD misdiagnosis. (The article can be found here). It seems that I am not alone in making this observation. More and more medical professionals are pointing out the possibility of cross-confusion between ADD/ADHD and sleep deprivation. […]

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Maintaining Balanced Blood Sugar Levels

Last week we discussed the role of the Glycemic Index (GI) in maintaining blood sugar at healthy levels. The bottom line of that discussion was that our diets should be filled with foods with a low value on the Glycemic Index as the energy in these foods will take much longer to be released into […]

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