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ADHD Shocking Truths

Hi guys, Jon Bennett here. I found this video on the web that I thought you might find it interesting. Please leave your comments below! Transcript: Dr. Lyon: I believe that attention deficit disorder should be treated like a lot of other conditions that the doctors treat. For instance if you have high cholesterol, what […]

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ADD ADHD Smart Drug Epidemic

Transcript: [spoiler]back at 7:43. this morning on “today investigates” the potentially dangerous drug being abused by college students. “today” correspondent amy robach is here with a hidden camera investigation. we warn our children about the dangers of drugs and drinking, especially as they go to college but a different kind of drug is an epidemic […]

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ADD ADHD Drugs Dangerous and Addicting

This video explains the potency and addictive nature of ADD ADHD drugs like Adderall, Vyvanse, and Ritalin. This video is an excerpt from “The Marketing of Madness” from CCHR.org Transcript… Man 1: Psychiatrists, drug companies, and even government agencies are entrusted with the safety of the drugs they put on the marketplace. And while they […]

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The Marketing of Madness: Intro- No Basis for ADD ADHD Drugs – Part 1

  This video is an except from the video created by CCHR.org entitled, “The Marketing of Madness” Although “3 Steps To Conquering ADD” takes a natural approach, we do not condemn those who decide that medication is the best choice for their family. It is our goal to simply give you the facts and equip […]

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The Dangers of Using Ritalin and Other Stimulant Medications for the Treatment of ADD/ADHD

“America now uses 90% of the world’s Ritalin – more than five times the rest of the world combined.” – Peter Breggin, M.D, Talking Back to Ritalin • Current statistics indicate that as many as 10% of the nation’s children have been diagnosed as having ADD/ADHD. • More than five million children are taking Ritalin […]

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