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Why ADD People Fail in Life

Why ADD People Fail in Life Chances are…   if you have been “diagnosed” with ADD-ADHD you are doomed to failure. That’s right, you have a serious handicap that is very difficult or impossible to overcome. Have fallen for this Lie? I know that most people who have struggled with ADD-ADHD fall for this lie…. at […]

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Adults and the ADD Emotional Rollercoaster

If you have ADD/ADHD, or you love someone who has it, then you are familiar firsthand how the emotions can be all over the place. While you may never be bored with your ever-changing emotional landscape, it also creates a tremendous amount of stress. By nature, people with Add are born with a temperament that […]

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3 Steps NOT Anti ADD ADHD Drug but Pro-Natural

[spoiler] Hi, Jon Bennett here with 3 Steps to Conquering ADD‑ADHD. And often I get the question, why are you against ADD drugs? And, some people would get upset because we teach natural methods and they feel like that we’re anti‑ADD drug. Well, it’s not necessarily that simple. Number one, we don’t condemn anybody that […]

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ADHD Shocking Truths

Hi guys, Jon Bennett here. I found this video on the web that I thought you might find it interesting. Please leave your comments below! Transcript: Dr. Lyon: I believe that attention deficit disorder should be treated like a lot of other conditions that the doctors treat. For instance if you have high cholesterol, what […]

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Powering up the Nerve Centre: Nutrition and the Brain

In past articles we have been looking at the way in which a Low GI diet can counteract some of the effects of ADD-ADHD by releasing energy into the bloodstream in a controlled and consistent way. With this week’s article we are going to take a step back in order to emphasize why doing your […]

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