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Physical Activity: A Vital Key to Battling ADD/ADHD (1)

Two of the most alarming health trends of the last two decades are the rise in obesity (with almost a third of Americans being classed as clinically obese) and the increasing numbers of people being diagnosed with ADHD. These two matters may not be entirely unrelated. Weight problems can in most cases be traced back […]

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Powering up the Nerve Centre: Nutrition and the Brain

In past articles we have been looking at the way in which a Low GI diet can counteract some of the effects of ADD-ADHD by releasing energy into the bloodstream in a controlled and consistent way. With this week’s article we are going to take a step back in order to emphasize why doing your […]

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How Glycemic Index Values are Measured [ADD ADHD]

Spikes, rushes, controlled release… These are all terms that are associated with the release of sugars into the bloodstream following the digestion of different kinds of foods. For some people a discussion of these effects may be mildly interesting but for those who are faced with ADD/ADHD it is of vital importance. This is why […]

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What Makes the ‘3 Steps’ Different?

Even a very brief skim through the articles on this website should make it clear that the approach that I advocate for dealing with ADD/ADHD is very different from what you are likely to hear from many of the so-called experts in the field. I am utterly convinced that many of these experts make grave […]

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Riboflavin: Brain Food for a Starving ADD ADHD Brain

This article is excerpted from the highly acclaimed Book by Jon Bennett. This book is available Here The past month has been very difficult on Kathy. James, her husband, died due to the complications arising out of use of drugs that were prescribed to him for treating ADD-ADHD [Attention Deficit Disorder or Attention Deficit Disorder […]

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