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Destruction of Child Development to Blame for ADD ADHD

Dr. Gabor Mate explains ” the destruction of American Childhood” and how it is contributing to ADD ADHD symptoms. Transcription… AMY GOODMAN: In a little bit, I want to ask you about how taking all this medication- being so heavily medicated, especially for young person- affects their development. But I want to go to the […]

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Focus Tip – White Noise Meditation [ADD ADHD]

Focus Tip – White Noise Meditation [ADD ADHD]

Transcript: Focus Tip – White Noise Meditation [ADD ADHD]

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ADD ADHD Smart Drug Epidemic

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5HvuLln5lU Transcript: ADD ADHD Smart Drug Epidemic

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ADHD Drugs Addicting

This video explains the potency and addictive nature of ADD ADHD drugs like Adderall, Vyvanse, and Ritalin. This video is an excerpt from “The Marketing of Madness” from CCHR.org Transcript… Man 1: Psychiatrists, drug companies, and even government agencies are entrusted with the safety of the drugs they put on the marketplace. And while they […]

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No Basis for ADHD Drugs

This video is an except from the video created by CCHR.org entitled, “The Marketing of Madness” (part 1) Although “3 Steps To Conquering ADD” takes a natural approach, we do not condemn those who decide that medication is the best choice for their family. It is our goal to simply give you the facts and […]

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Understanding the Shifts in Human Nutrition – The Role of Chemicals (3)

You can be quite sure that previous generations would have used the word ‘natural’ somewhere in the conversation if they were asked to describe the characteristics of food. This is, as we have seen over the past few weeks, far from self evident in modern times. In fact, so many unnatural substances have entered our […]

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Understanding the Shifts in Human Nutrition – The Role of Chemicals (Part 2)

In last week’s article I began to analyse the ways in which our perceptions of the food we eat differs from that of our forebears. I pointed out that it would be very difficult for any modern person to maintain that all of his or her food supply is completely natural (one of the central […]

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Understanding the Shifts in Human Nutrition – The Role of Chemicals (Part 1)


With last week’s article I began to touch on the subject of how our perceptions of food changed over the past few decades. I did this by pointing out how food was viewed in the past. When asked to describe food as a category past generations would very likely have used the following words: Scarce, […]

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Understanding the shifts in Human Nutrition (1) – The way we ate


If you monitored this site over the past few months you would have seen quite a few discussions on the effects of food on our emotional and physical well being. We specifically discussed the positive impact that a Low-GI diet can have on the life of someone dealing with the symptoms of ADD/ADHD. We also […]

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Can Brain Scans Help Diagnose ADD-ADHD?

Can Doctors use brain scans to diagnose and treat ADD-ADHD? The answer is NO! As of today there are very few Doctors is the USA (like 2), who have perfected the art of using brain scans to not only diagnose, but treat the disorder. It is not a widely held belief that brain scans are […]

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